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The stunning scene that greets players on the approaches to Elderslie golf course is one that inspires for the challenge ahead. On a bright summer’s day the definition provided by well-manicured fairways, rough, and trees enhanced by the verdant backdrop of the Newton Woods, stimulates anticipation. There are few courses that provide such a splendid view of the first and last holes as you arrive at the car park.

Enjoy your golf at Elderslie. Take advantage of the conveniently situated practice ground to slacken up before teeing off. The course will be in excellent condition through the summer months and the definition of the fairways and greens, resulting from the second cuts and aprons around the putting surfaces, should help with the judgment of shots. Be prepared for difficulties if you stray from the fairway or miss the green.

At 6175 yards (approximately 5646 metres) in length and a par of 70, Elderslie provides a fair challenge to the majority of golfers.

Enjoy the scenery when you reach the higher parts of the course. On clear days there are magnificent views towards the Kilpatrick Hills and Ben Lomond from the seventh and ninth greens. The vista of Gleniffer Braes is the backdrop from the tenth tee and a panoramic view over Glasgow and towards the Campsies greets players on the twelfth and thirteenth tees.


1. Burnbrae

Distance: 337yds

Par: 4

Stroke: 5

2. Lexwell

Distance: 137yds

Par: 3

Stroke: 18

3. Woodneuk

Distance: 317yds

Par: 4

Stroke: 15

4. Volunteer

Distance: 403yds

Par: 4

Stroke: 3

5. The Plum

Distance: 342yds

Par: 4

Stroke: 9

6. Newland Craig

Distance: 331yds

Par: 4

Stroke: 11

7. Wallace Craig

Distance: 399yds

Par: 4

Stroke: 1

8. Newton Oak

Distance: 193yds

Par: 3

Stroke: 13

9. Braeface

Distance: 337yds

Par: 4

Stroke: 7

10. Skeoch Hill

Distance: 377yds

Par: 4

Stroke: 12

11. Gleniffer

Distance: 217yds

Par: 3

Stroke: 8

12. Fulbar

Distance: 308yds

Par: 4

Stroke: 16

13. Targets

Distance: 418yds

Par: 4

Stroke: 10

14. Little Newton

Distance: 550yds

Par: 5

Stroke: 6

15. Barnside

Distance: 402yds

Par: 4

Stroke: 2

16. Round Hill

Distance: 356yds

Par: 4

Stroke: 14

17. Barony

Distance: 312yds

Par: 4

Stroke: 17

18. Elderslie

Distance: 422yds

Par: 4

Stroke: 4

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